Pioneering research into rare cancer is making a difference

A professor who is ranked the highest in the world in his field is celebrating after receiving a prestigious award for his pioneering research into a rare type of cancer.

Professor of Thoracic Oncology, Dean Fennell, has won an international Pioneer Award for his innovative work around treating mesothelioma – an incurable lung cancer usually caused by asbestos – with personalised therapy.

RS Oncology presents new drug in early clinical development for Mesothelioma and lung cancer patients

Start-up US biotech company tackling rare diseases presents three case studies in France

LILLE, France, August 03, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RS Oncology is bringing exciting new science to patients who will have the best chance of benefiting from new therapies. PRX3 is a novel drug target with potential for treating patients with the asbestos related cancer, mesothelioma. It is a key defense against oxidative stress and is located in the mitochondria, the energy generating factories. Inhibiting PRX targets cancer, not normal cells.