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Yue Lin

I graduated from Shantou University in China with a BSc in Biotechnology in 2021, and achieved a MSc by research in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Edinburgh in 2022. Now I come back to UK for more in the field of mesothelioma with a BRC PhD studentship at the University of Leicester. BAP1 mutation in MPM will be my focus in the following years.

Dr. Nada Nusrat

Medical doctor and postdoctoral researcher in molecular medicine and cancer therapy. My primary focus of work at the University of Leicester is targeting the CDKN2A and MTAP genes in mesothelioma-related 9p21 deletion.

Dr Maymun Jama

Dr Maymun Jama earned both her PhD (Genetics & Cancer Research) and MSc (Cancer Cell & Molecular Biology) at the University of Leicester. Currently working as a Post-doctoral fellow at Fennells Lab investigating genome guided therapy for MPMs.

Jan Rogel

After finish undergraduate studies, I have developed interest in bioinformatics and molecular biology. I graduated from my MSc in Bioinformatics at University of Leicester and got accepted as a research fellow, allowing me to continue to follow my interests in machine learning, explainable AI and cancer genomics.

Lawrence Dawkins Hall

I am an award winning technician with 35 years experience of molecular and cell biology, conducted through out the UK, EU and the USA. During that time I have participated in autonomous research, including partcipation in the draught genome assembly in New York, circa 2000; teaching and instructing undergraduate and post graduate students in molecular and cell biology and protein biochemistry; and provision of core technical suport in numerous laboratories, including lab managment. I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (FRSB) and both a Chartered Biologist and Chartered Scientist. I have approximately 50 publications in peer reviewed Journals, conference abstracts and text books, pertaining to multiple medical sciences displines, with about 1000 citations thereof. At the moment, I offer core techncial support to Professor Fennels laboratories and associated Scientific staff

Daniel Faulkner

Currently working towards a cancer research PhD within the Mesothelioma research group. Previous experience includes a Masters degree in Genetics and Bioinformatics, a Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences and 10 years experience working in IT. Previous research has included using genetic analyses to measure the health of local bumblebee populations and writing code to assist in the detection of LINE1 chimeric transcripts.

Dr. Charlotte Poile

Charlotte joined the Mesothelioma Research Group in 2018. Charlotte plays an essential role in ensuring regulatory (REC, HTA, GCP) compliance within the research programme. Her work also involves contributing to the development and execution of national translational research projects and clinical trials and she also works closely with international commercial partners. Charlotte has a key role in coordinating the translational research studies within different Universities and NHS departments. Her work also involves overseeing the sequencing stage of the translational projects.

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