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Dean Fennell, FRCP, PhD

Professor Dean Fennell is a clinician scientist and international leader in mesothelioma research. He has designed and led several investigator-initiated trials from phase 1 through phase III including the first precision medicine platform study for patients with mesothelioma (MIST).

He is past-president of the International mesothelioma interest group, past NCRI mesothelioma chair, co-author of UK BTS, and European (ESMO, ERS) mesothelioma treatment guidelines and served two terms on the EORTC board. His lab is currently pioneering novel precision medicine strategies and the study of tumour evolution in mesothelioma.

Professor Fennell held two CRUK clinician scientist and MRC doctoral fellowships. He originally trained in pharmacology (1st class) and medicine at UCL , then completed training in London. Prof. Fennell has published 167 peer reviewed articles in journals including The Lancet, Lancet Oncology, New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, & Nature communications

In 2023 he was awarded the IMIG Senior Investigator medal and MARF Pioneer Award for his work in the field.

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Liz Darlison, MBE

Liz has been a consultant nurse at the university hospitals of Leicester since 2004 focusing exclusively on mesothelioma. Liz is the founder and CEO of Mesothelioma UK the national charity for Mesothelioma.

Dr. Charlotte Poile

Charlotte joined the Mesothelioma Research Group in 2018. Charlotte plays an essential role in ensuring regulatory (REC, HTA, GCP) compliance within the research programme. Her work also involves contributing to the development and execution of national translational research projects and clinical trials and she also works closely with international commercial partners. Charlotte has a key role in coordinating the translational research studies within different Universities and NHS departments. Her work also involves overseeing the sequencing stage of the translational projects.

Dr. Nada Nusrat

Medical doctor and postdoctoral researcher in molecular medicine and cancer therapy. My primary focus of work at the University of Leicester is targeting the CDKN2A and MTAP genes in mesothelioma-related 9p21 deletion.

Dr. Joanna Dzialo

Joanna joined Prof Fennell group in 2017. Her main focus is work with patient derived explants and and other ex vivo models of mesothelioma for testing new drug therapies. Joanna has extensive lab experience including setting up and optimizing translational research pipelines. She has great expertise in immunohistological staining and image analysis using digital pathology tools. Joanna is also working with patient derived primary cell lines including establishing and characterising of cell lines from clinical material.

Dr. Aleksandra Bzura

Aleksandra, a former PhD student of Prof Fennell, is a dedicated researcher in molecular and cellular biology. Her work focuses on the advancement of cancer therapeutics through the meticulous in vitro and ex vivo investigation of complex mechanisms in response to DNA damage therapies. Aleksandra is skilled in conducting and optimization of translational research, including the establishment of patient-derived primary cell lines.

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